Lympstone Village Hall

Lympstone Village Hall has been at the heart of the village since 1933, serving generations of Lympstonians.

As a registered charity, our sole focus is to improve the lives of parishioners, by providing space and facilities for a very wide range of community activity. This part of our website gives background and briefing on who we are, what we do, and how we are financed. Read sections below and look at more detailed information in the download column to the right.

On 30 April 2020,  management and operation of the village hall passed to a new charity – the Lympstone Village Hall Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The CIO is registered and regulated by the Charity Commission as charity number 1187640.

By following links in the panel to the right you can learn more about this change and the CIO. For villagers and other users of the hall it’s important to note that there are no changes to the purpose of the hall, its facilities, charges and hours of opening (although the current Coronavirus restrictions mean that the hall cannot open at present).

The hall has a contract with Devon County Council who pay for the village primary school to use the main hall and kitchen every schoolday for school lunches, PE and assembly. (The school does not have a hall of suitable size)


How the CIO makes the village hall secure for the future

The agreements and documents whch set up the CIO, all approved by the Charity Commission, provide these three levels of security to ensure that the hall remains a community asset for the future:

    1. the land is designated as a permanent endowment (a legal provision specific to this land)
    2. the provisions of the hall’s documents (clause 27 of CIO and carried forward clause 14) which provide for full debate including a village meeting before any winding up of the charity
    3. The Charities Act 2011 (specifically section 117) which places precise and tight limitations on any sale of some or all of the hall’s land.


Important GDPR regulatory information

Links and downloads about the Village Hall

A note about CIOs

The constitution of the Village Hall CIO.

The trustees of the CIO and how they were appointed.

A note about what trustees do and their legal duties and powers.

A brief history of the village hall and of the unincorporated charity 1930-2020.

A note about ownership of the hall.

Policies and procedures

Our safeguarding policy (May 2021)

Our complaints policy

Our environmental and ethical policies

Annual reports

Report and Accounts of old charity (269342) for 2019 financial year (12 months)

Report and Accounts of old charity (269342) for 2020 (6 months to cessation of trading)