Lympstone Village Hall

Lympstone Village Hall has been at the heart of the village since 1933, serving generations of Lympstonians.

As a registered charity, our sole focus is to improve the lives of parishioners, by providing space and facilities for a very wide range of community activity. This part of our website gives background and briefing on who we are, what we do, and how we are financed. Read sections below and look at more detailed information in the download column to the right.

The hall is managed by a management committee, most of whose members are nominated by village organisations that use the hall. See the side panel for a list of current members.

The hall has a contract with Devon County Council who pay for the village primary school to use the main hall and kitchen every schoolday for school lunches, PE and assembly. (The school does not have a hall of suitable size)

Ownership of the hall

Our village hall is operated and managed by a council of trustees who act as managing trustees. The property is a ‘permanent endowment’, which means is was purchased for use permanently to benefit the parishioners. Since 1977 the deeds have been looked after by the parish council, acting as custodian trustee. This is necessary because the council of trustees is not – in law – a permanent body. The parish council has a precise and very limited role – the Charity Commission says ‘their sole function is to hold the title to the property. They should not be involved in the day to day running of the charity, which is the responsibility of the managing trustees”.For more information on this see