In late November we completed the planting of a new copper beech hedge between the main hall car park and the churchyard wall. 140 beech saplings were planted and will develop into a thick and strong hedge. This will be trimmed tod 1.2m and provide both a visual barrier and a practical and easy-to-maintain remnder for drivers of where the car park ends.

Thanks to Miles Freeman for coordinating the whole task, and to the team who answered Miles’ call for volunteers.. Using part volunteer effort saved us around £700.

The team:

Transport to get compost=                                          Chris Barnacle with Pete Hardy’s trailer.

Loading and unloading compost=                              Paul Harradine, Barry Bissett, Dick Waite, Chris Barnacle.

Top soil filling and planting=                                        Dick Waite, Barry Bissett, Don Mildenhall

Transport to get mulch=                                              Pete Hardy with his trailer.

Compost supplier foc                                                  Rob Harding of Wotton Farm

Mulch supplier foc                                                      Alan Carter of Stowford Farm

Trench digging and stump removal=                          Reg Redford