Lympstone Parish Council claimed, in October 2019, that full ownership of the village hall belonged to them and not to the hall charity that has operated the hall since 1933. The hall’s management committee has clear legal advice to support our posiiton, which is that both English charity law and existing documentation show clearly that the parish council has only the limited and passive role of holding trustee. The village hall management committee has asked the parish council for evidence to support their claim, but as of current date, they have not done so.

The latest statement from the hall management committee is below:

“The village hall charity trustees have seen the latest statement from the Parish Council, dated [21] November. It is essentially a restatement of the Council’s earlier claim to own the hall. The clear legal advice the trustees have received is that the charity is the true owner of the hall and that the Council is the custodian or holding trustee appointed by the Charity Commission to hold the property on behalf of the trustees. The trustees will continue to act in accordance with the legal advice they receive.”